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Explore the Garden Route waterways on a SUP tour.

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Water Adventures
Slackpacking eco-adventure through the Garden Route.


The ideal way to explore the Garden Route and excape the crowds is to join us on a 5 day coastal slackpacking trail between Wilderness and Brenton on Sea. Approximately 58km, the trail links up a diverse route of trails through forest, fynbos, dune thicket and along pristine beaches.

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The Garden Route boasts over 200km of coastline with a scenic mic of sandy beaches and rocky shores hosting many bays and reefs waiting to be explored.

AMD Odyssey offers snorkeling tours for both the novice and experienced free divers to discover the vibrant marine life.

Focused on the rock pools at Gericke's Point, tours also include the Paquita Wreck in the Knysna Lagoon.

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Sardine Run

One of the largest migrations in the world occours along the SOuth African coastine every winter.

In June and July massive shoals of Sardines migrate nortwards up the coast followed by an array of aquatic predators.

AMD Odyssey offers the oppertunity of a lifetime to dive into the midst of this migration.

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Aqua Trek

Swimming is a noble and healthy sport which also allows the more adventurous to venture into nature.

With more than 30 rivers, esturaries and coastal lakes in the Overberg and Garden Route, the oppertunity abounds for a swimming safari of between 20 and 40km, each day swimming in a new body of water.

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