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Strandloper Project

Read about our Ghost fishing awareness program and other environmental educational and research on our Blog site at : Chasing Windmills and Sunbeams.

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Snagged tackleExplore the Garden Route waterways on a SUP tour.

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Garden Route


Junior Citizen Science
Citizen Science to inspire future generations.


Rock Cod


Enviromental Education

Extending our ethos of environmental education, Garden Route Trail has initiated a program of experiential environment awareness for learner and children. Using GPS, children will head out into nature to track and record animal spoor and dung as well as plot the flora en route..


Experiential Learning

The Child's Play program is focused on letting children learn to discover the natural environment and why it is important for their future. The activities not only introduce them to nature and the trophic cascades of a healthy ecosystem, but teach them to use digital tools to map and develop spatial mapping.

Gericke's Point

Activities :

The program starts with and introduction to the ecosystem and the equipment used to map sighting.

Children are then split up into groups and sent out to find selected animal tracks and dung which they have to record on the location on a GPS. They also collect a sample of dung. Along the route each group needs to map the location of five species of plants on the route.

Once they have returned to base, the data is downloaded and integrated into a map on Google earth and QGIS.

They will also spend some time analyzing the dung to determine what the animals were eating.

Bird Atlasing :

An additional module of bird atlassing can be added on request. Using the Birdlasser App on a smart phone, we will introduce children to bird identification, both visual and song.

Who is this activity for :

Everyone who wishes to learn about the environment and how to study it. With the introduction to plotting, mapping and identification skills, children will learn to observe nature with a critical mind and respect the value of a healthy ecosystem.

Habitats :

In the Garden Route we will focus on forest, fynbos and intertidal ecosystems.collection

Reservations :

Two programs are offered, namely a 3 hour outing and a schools program. The 3 hour outing is ideal for a holiday break.

Cost : R200.00/child

Bookings : Contact Mark



Schools Program

Our schools program is aimed at schools for a long term environmental monitoring program in the Garden Route. Class groups of between 5 and 10 learners will join up for monthly monitoring of either forest, Fynbos and shoreline.

Elephant dung

The outcome for the program will be to produce :

  1. A data set of locations of specified scat and spoor
  2. A data set of tree and Fynbos species
  3. A data set and population composition of specified intertidal species.
  4. Comprehensive map and GIS spatial distribution of relevant data sets.
  5. Photographic portfolio of samples and species.



Competition :

An aspect of the schools program will be to participate in a competition which will be submitted at the end of a six month period. We are current;y in the process of setting up the event and will announce the competition in the first term of 2019.




Who is this activity for :

Schools with an active environmental program and science field.



How to participate ;

Contact Mark

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